Who We Are

Working with the Poor and the marginalized since 1998

Change Managers International Network Nigeria is a Non-Governmental Organization working to enhance gender equity and development, promoting access to quality education and health, community and rural development, conflict resolution, promoting positive family values and peace.
CMI Nigeria was established by public-spirited individuals and registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria. Our Operations Headquarters in Abuja with branch Offices in Lagos.

CMINETWORK prides itself on taking processes from inception to conclusive positive end.


CMINETWORK envisages a Nigerian Society where equity, equal opportunity for all gender, justice, access to basic and quality education and good governance reigns

Our core values

Our core values are the foundation of our company, essential to our success and serve as the lens through which we evaluate every business decisions. Our core values include - Integrity, Diligence, and Professionalism.


We encourage Participatory Resolution to solve socio-political and Economic challenges for a better Nigeria.


Advocacy is a major strategy for enhancing program implementation. Our advocacy strategy includes – Interpersonal visits, Meetings, Community consultation and mobilization, Sensitization and Media Campaign, Participatory Learning Approach, Participatory Rural Appraisal.

Education is the bedrock and springboard for overall national development. The Global Campaign on Education for Education All is one goal most Nations are pursuing with zeal today. CMINETWORK is an education-focused NGO that has realized the importance of basic education in National Development.

Governance is an important aspect of National life and it has been established that Gender parity in governance facilitates good governance. CMINETWORK believes in this vision and has been working assiduously since her establishment to enhance women participation in governance, a system that has not been adequately practiced in Nigeria.

Change Managers International realized the importance of Capacity Building and skill acquisition in National Development and so incorporated Capacity Building as one of her Development Strategies.

CMINETWORK health program aims to promote positive behavioral sex life. We work to educate youths and the vulnerable, especially in the rural communities on HIV/AIDS with the hope to reduce the vulnerability of young people to HIV/AIDS. We educate women on how to negotiate sex in order not to risk their life, live in a clean environment, discuss health matters as it affects them and tackle other reproductive health problems.

Gender is a cross-cutting issue, which affects women in all sectors of development as the world always places them in disadvantaged positions. Important progress has been made towards achieving equality between men and women since the Beijing Conference in 1995, yet discrimination against women is still widespread. Violence against women remains a global phenomenon. Women’s equal access to resources is still restricted and their opportunities for higher education and training are concentrated in limited fields.

Become A Volunteer

“At the heart of volunteerism are the ideal of service and solidarity and the belief that together we can make the world a better place…’’ Kofi Annan, Former UN Secretary-General.


Poverty Alleviation

CMINETWORK is committed to the realization of MDGs in Nigeria by working to reduce extreme poverty, illiteracy, and unemployment by 2015 and beyond. We adopt key strategies, which target the youth, CBOs, women and co-operative groups. We build the capacity of women and youths through skill acquisition and vocational training to create self-employment.

Climate Change

In September 2016 CMIN carried out a project in Karmo-Sabo community in Abuja Municipal Area Council of the F.C.T. the project was titled Keep Karmo Clean. The aim of the “Keep karmo Clean” project was to provide the karmo people especially women and children the right information and tools necessary to keep their environment clean and healthy.

Promotion of Art and Culture and Heritage Preservation

We work with partners, interest groups, and relevant institutions to identify and promote talents on arts and craft as well as liaise with an agency to see that our arts and culture does not go into extinction. We encourage youths and artists of various genres to actualize their dreams through sensitization, motivation, and engagement.